George M. Keele, esq.

It has been my honor to know Cassandra Jones since she was 15 years old. Although she was always precocious, I have also seen her become a wonderful wife (to Evan) and a devoted remarkable mother to Bobby and Anna.

I have also observed and worked in and out of the courtroom with Cassandra as a practicing attorney. When she was first admitted to the bar, she took to the courtroom like a veteran. She continues to set a standard of excellence, both in court and in her research and writing prowess. I rate her as one of the very best attorneys in Nevada.

Cassandra is an immensely talented advocate and a brilliant legal advisor. As justice of the peace of East Fork Township, she will use her superb skills to serve all who appear before her and all who know her.

She will work hard to make correct and just decisions. And she will accord equal dignity, assistance where appropriate, and thoughtful counsel to everyone she serves as justice of the peace. Cassandra has my vote.