Linda T. Cuddy, CASA Director for Douglas County (ret’d.)

Cassandra G. Jones, Esq. is seeking the position of East Fork Justice of the Peace for Douglas County. I have known Ms. Jones for approximately eleven years and worked with her professionally and personally before I retired from my position as CASA Director for Douglas County. Ms. Jones was, at that time, staff attorney for the Honorable Michael P. Gibbons and served as the staff liaison for CASA.

Ms. Jones assisted CASA with direction on many difficult cases in our advocacy for child abuse victims, as well as children in custody cases involving domestic violence and/or substance abuse. Locating resources for these families was very challenging in our small community, especially for misdemeanor drug cases. Another challenge in our CASA work was helping parties understand the requirements of the court. I often received direction from Ms. Jones to assist in explaining the court’s requirements so cases could be resolved. Her knowledge of family law is impressive and her patience is infinite!

Ms. Jones was largely responsible for the development of Douglas County’s Special Advocates for the Elderly (SAFE) program and assisted in developing the training program, as well as the training of the volunteers.

Ms. Jones is on the Austin’s House Board of Directors and has served the board well with her expertise and willingness to serve the needs of the children who reside at Austin’s House, participating in fund raising and guiding the board through difficult decisions.

Ms. Jones left the court’s staff attorney position to enter private practice and has developed a highly successful practice. I have so much confidence in her ability, I selected her as my personal attorney. It’s my opinion that when she decides to do something, her actions are fair, deliberate and well organized which makes her an excellent candidate for East Fork Justice of the Peace. I know her to be honest, compassionate yet firm, with an energy level that will make her stand above the rest. I believe Douglas County will be well served with Cassandra Jones as East Fork Justice of the Peace.