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Cassandra Jones has applied her expertise in criminal and civil matters in government and private practice, as an attorney, arbitrator, mediator, and justice of the peace pro tem.  Her hard work, dedication, selflessness, and commitment has been lauded by many. Members of our own community have recognized Cassandra’s strong advocacy, her experience, and her expertise in keeping Douglas County safe.  They have chosen to support her for our next Justice of the Peace:

George M. Keele, esq.

It has been my honor to know Cassandra Jones since she was 15 years old. Although she was always precocious, I have also seen her become a wonderful wife (to Evan) and a devoted remarkable mother to Bobby and Anna.

I have also observed and worked in and out of the courtroom with Cassandra as a practicing attorney. When she was first admitted to the bar, she took to the courtroom like a veteran. She continues to set a standard of excellence, both in court and in her research and writing prowess. I rate her as one of the very best attorneys in Nevada.

Cassandra is an immensely talented advocate and a brilliant legal advisor. As justice of the peace of East Fork Township, she will use her superb skills to serve all who appear before her and all who know her.

She will work hard to make correct and just decisions. And she will accord equal dignity, assistance where appropriate, and thoughtful counsel to everyone she serves as justice of the peace. Cassandra has my vote.

Steve Decker

Cassandra Jones has spent her entire career protecting those who cannot protect themselves. Her hard work, dedication, selflessness, and commitment has been lauded by many. From consistent consequences for criminals to protecting domestic battery victims, Cassandra has a strong track record of ensuring every person has equal access to and equal protection of the law.

It is my pleasure to recommend that Cassandra Jones for Justice of the Peace. In my opinion, and based on first-hand observation, she will be honest and ethical. I believe she will strive to bring justice in a fair and impartial manner. I look forward to her term as judge.

Marla Morris, Chief of Social Services (ret’d.), Division of Child and Family Services

I met Cassandra nine years ago through our church, and have worked with her professionally. She is a tireless advocate for the disadvantaged, while also being extremely active in Douglas County. I’m confident she will apply her energy and expertise to skillfully serve our community as Justice of the Peace.

Linda T. Cuddy, CASA Director for Douglas County (ret’d.)

Cassandra G. Jones, Esq. is seeking the position of East Fork Justice of the Peace for Douglas County. I have known Ms. Jones for approximately eleven years and worked with her professionally and personally before I retired from my position as CASA Director for Douglas County. Ms. Jones was, at that time, staff attorney for the Honorable Michael P. Gibbons and served as the staff liaison for CASA.

Ms. Jones assisted CASA with direction on many difficult cases in our advocacy for child abuse victims, as well as children in custody cases involving domestic violence and/or substance abuse. Locating resources for these families was very challenging in our small community, especially for misdemeanor drug cases. Another challenge in our CASA work was helping parties understand the requirements of the court. I often received direction from Ms. Jones to assist in explaining the court’s requirements so cases could be resolved. Her knowledge of family law is impressive and her patience is infinite!

Ms. Jones was largely responsible for the development of Douglas County’s Special Advocates for the Elderly (SAFE) program and assisted in developing the training program, as well as the training of the volunteers.

Ms. Jones is on the Austin’s House Board of Directors and has served the board well with her expertise and willingness to serve the needs of the children who reside at Austin’s House, participating in fund raising and guiding the board through difficult decisions.

Ms. Jones left the court’s staff attorney position to enter private practice and has developed a highly successful practice. I have so much confidence in her ability, I selected her as my personal attorney. It’s my opinion that when she decides to do something, her actions are fair, deliberate and well organized which makes her an excellent candidate for East Fork Justice of the Peace. I know her to be honest, compassionate yet firm, with an energy level that will make her stand above the rest. I believe Douglas County will be well served with Cassandra Jones as East Fork Justice of the Peace.

Joan D. Neuffer, Esq.

Cassandra Jones will make a great Justice Court Judge. She has the intelligence, knowledge and experience to make the hard decisions, and will be compassionate and fair to those who come before her. Cassandra has demonstrated that she cares about our community and the people who live here. She has my vote.

Jacquie Manoukian

Cassandra and I serve together on the Austin’s House Board of Directors where I
have witnessed her kindness and sincere concern for the families in our
community. We have been required to make difficult decisions affecting business
operations at Austin House and Cassandra has always provided professional,
unbiased suggestions and solutions. Her approach to negotiation is logical and
with care, I have no doubt she will continue these positive leadership qualities
in the courtroom. Cassandra has my full support for the position of Justice of
the Peace!”

Michael G. Millward – Millward Law, Ltd.

As our valley continues to grow and change, it is vital that we elect Judges that are motivated to improve our Courts to be more accessible and responsive. For that reason, and many others, I am supporting Cassandra Jones to be elected as our next Justice of the Peace for East Fork Justice Court.
As an attorney, I have learned that a judge’s temperament and attentiveness can make all the difference in the conclusion of a matter. I know Cassandra professionally and as a friend. I know her skill, character, and motivations. In her personal life, her family and her faith are her primary importance. Professionally, Cassandra is an excellent attorney. She is well respected and upholds the strictest ethical standards in her law practice.
Cassandra is not self-righteous or quick to judge and approaches emotional circumstances with calm and patience. I have seen her fight for the rights of the neglected, abused, exploited, and the underprivileged. In family law matters, I have seen her compassion and worry over children suffering from the bitter realities accompanying a broken home.
I know that Cassandra’s motivation in seeking to be our next Justice of the Peace is based upon her innate sense of duty to protect the helpless and seek justice.
Cassandra always seeks improvement. Cassandra seeks to make everyone she works with better. I have no doubt that she will seek to improve the East Fork Justice Court to be more accessible and open to those that need the arm of the Court for help and protection.
Cassandra is the “real deal.” She is trustworthy and professionally qualified to judiciously apply the law. I endorse Cassandra wholeheartedly and without the slightest reservation.

Natalia Vander Laan, Esq.

As an attorney, I could not wish for a more professional, honest, and impartial judge than Cassandra Jones. Cassandra is both a colleague and a friend so I have had the opportunity to observe her skills and character first-hand. She is equally dedicated, trustworthy, and ethical in her professional and personal lives. I am certain that she will display the same qualities as Justice of the Peace. It is with great confidence that I fully endorse Cassandra Jones

Sally Wiley, Gold Star Mom

I have known Cassandra for several years, both professionally and socially. With her talents, skills, and experience, I would highly recommend her for East Fork Justice of the Peace.

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Dr. Robin Titus, Assemblywoman

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Allen Veil, Lyon County Sherrif (Ret'd.)

Natalia Vander Laan, Esq.

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