Michael G. Millward – Millward Law, Ltd.

As our valley continues to grow and change, it is vital that we elect Judges that are motivated to improve our Courts to be more accessible and responsive. For that reason, and many others, I am supporting Cassandra Jones to be elected as our next Justice of the Peace for East Fork Justice Court.
As an attorney, I have learned that a judge’s temperament and attentiveness can make all the difference in the conclusion of a matter. I know Cassandra professionally and as a friend. I know her skill, character, and motivations. In her personal life, her family and her faith are her primary importance. Professionally, Cassandra is an excellent attorney. She is well respected and upholds the strictest ethical standards in her law practice.
Cassandra is not self-righteous or quick to judge and approaches emotional circumstances with calm and patience. I have seen her fight for the rights of the neglected, abused, exploited, and the underprivileged. In family law matters, I have seen her compassion and worry over children suffering from the bitter realities accompanying a broken home.
I know that Cassandra’s motivation in seeking to be our next Justice of the Peace is based upon her innate sense of duty to protect the helpless and seek justice.
Cassandra always seeks improvement. Cassandra seeks to make everyone she works with better. I have no doubt that she will seek to improve the East Fork Justice Court to be more accessible and open to those that need the arm of the Court for help and protection.
Cassandra is the “real deal.” She is trustworthy and professionally qualified to judiciously apply the law. I endorse Cassandra wholeheartedly and without the slightest reservation.